System Requirements

– Windows 7 or later with Aero Transparency Effects enabled to run overlay (click here for a guide that shows how to enable Aero Transparency Effects in Windows 7) If you have Windows 8 Aero Transparency Effects should be enabled by default (even though Win8 Explorer Windows don’t have transparency)
Microsoft .NET 4.5 (download here)
Microsoft DirectX Runtime (download here)
– League of Legends running in Windowed or Borderless Windowed mode (for Overlay Display)

Select Borderless Windowed Mode

Download Latest Version: Simple Jungle Timer 2.05

Known conflict: If you are using the program Synergy for mouse/keyboard sharing it may conflict with your hotkey presses to start / cancel timers. Shutting down Synergy fixes this. This is a bug common to Synergy and Synergy will partially conflict with many key presses in games in general. Generally it’s a good idea to keep Synergy off when gaming anyway.

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