Simple Jungle Timer 2.02

Still working on fixing the occasional lockup of the overlay window. The overlay lockup is pretty random and seems to happen once every few games. Hopefully fixed in this version.

  • Added a splash screen on startup so people now have a visual cue that the program launched.
  • Potentially fixed the occasional overlay window lockup bug (hopefully).


SimpleJungleTimer Version 2.0 Released!


Download Version 2.0!

Some major improvements in this version! Hope you enjoy, and please do let me know if you run into any odd bugs.

List of all changes is as follows:

  • Updated visuals for SJT with icons for the different spawns
  • Reworked overlay to only display while League of Legends Game is the currently active window
  • Reworked timers to automatically cancel counting down when the League of Legends Game ends
  • Reworked timer hotkeys to only activate timers while League of Legends Game is the currently active window
  • Added Setting to start on Windows Startup
  • Added Setting to change the positioning of the overlay window
  • Added Setting to disable overlay window
  • Added Setting to change hotkeys to start/cancel timers from the default Function keys.
  • Added Setting to adjust screen gamma if desired.
  • Fixed a bug in Windows 8 that would sometimes cause the overlay to disappear.

Game of Thrones Champ Select Music v1.0

League of Legends Game of Thrones Champion Select Music Patcher

I coded a patch that will apply the Game of Thrones theme to all the champion select music in League of Legends. It’s a rather simple tool that will allow you to both patch the music and unpatch it whenever you like (as long as the league client isn’t currently open)

Download version 1.0 here

1.03 Released

Fixed a bug caused from the changes in 1.02

Known issue: Sometimes when starting SJT the overlay will not display. Exit SJT and reopen to get it to appear.

1.02 Released

Minor changes in this version, primarily a fix for a bug where the overlay would occasionally lose its “always on top” status.